Shocks on the Rocks - Uber glass with a conscience

In 2018, in 21% of fatal traffic accidents, the driver drank more than necessary. With the aim of raising awareness about this problem in a different way, and at a particularly troubled time of the year; Uber and Noche de Madrid, led by Shackleton, present “Shocks on the Rocks”. A collection of glasses that show in themselves the consequences of drinking and driving.

Shocks on the Rocks is a unique collection of glasses designed and made by Sorribes Glass to simulate the deformation of a car after a traffic accident. With this collection, Uber wants to connect at the right time, not before or after drinking, but during.

For Vidrio Sorribes it is a privilege to participate in a campaign like #VuelveSeguro. Collaborate with a company of the size of UBER further strengthens our brand position. Since we started the transformation of the company in 2015, there are many projects of large campaigns that rely on our experience and our way of innovating, in the way we understand and communicate our clients' projects through our work.

Everyone knows and has heard a thousand times that you should not drink and drive, but it is still done. This is the reason why we wanted to help by thinking of a different way of saying what we have been listening for so many years, to see if by changing the way and also the moment to connect with people, the message would arrive in a fresher way and therefore more effectively. . Having just one person make the right decision not to drive after a night out will have made it all worthwhile.