We Are Artisans

Sorribes glass, 100 years of craftsmanship designing and creating glass. One hundred years of evolution in which each generational change has been the engine to open new approaches and new horizons to solve the productive challenges that society has posed for us at all times. One hundred years that have turned Vidrio Sorribes into an evolved company open to facing new challenges that respond to industrial and business projects that are proposed to crafts in the future.

We carry crafts, effort and passion in our DNA. Three generations of master craftsmen who have a widely recognized trajectory, and who have known how to maintain and adapt over the years the magic of one of the most important crafts of our craft. The important value of roots in the face of globalization, gives us a great capacity to personalize glass, and makes our company the perfect candidate to help make our clients' projects come true.


Ampollas José Sorribes is born.
The company adopts the name of José Sorribes Moreno.
José Sorribes Moreno begins his career in the field of design.
premio dona artesana
Artisan Woman Award of the Valencian Community
logo artesania
Valencian Community Craft Award.
José Sorribes Moreno, 2nd generation Master Craftsmen, assumes the management of the company.
Sara Sorribes, 3rd generation Master Craftswoman joins the company.
premio artesania 2010
Transition from product manufacturing to project development.
anagrama vidrio sorribes
The commercial brand VIDRIO SORRIBES is born
jose sorribes bellmunt



In 1920, José Sorribes Bellmunt created and runs the company Ampollas Sorribes, the original name of the company, dedicated to the manufacture of laboratory glass tubes and ampoules, which had more than 100 workers.



José Sorribes Moreno, son of the founder of Vidrio Sorribes and second generation of master craftsmen, joins the company. With him begins the diversification of production, introducing the company in the lighting sector without losing sight of the laboratory glass, engine and origin of the company until then.

Joining the company José Sorribes Moreno, son of the founder of Vidrio Sorribes and second generation of master craftsmen. With him begins the diversification of production, introducing the company in the lighting sector without losing sight of the laboratory glass, engine and origin of the company until then.

In 1974, after the death of José Sorribes Bellmunt, his son, José Sorribes Moreno assumed the technical direction of the company, taking a new course that would mean the beginning of collaboration with large firms in the Valencian machinery and lighting industry such as Quilinox or Bronceart Torrent, which would be an important milestone both for the opening to new markets and for the recognition and prestige as a benchmark firm in artisan glass in Spain.

In 1998 and under the name of José Sorribes Moreno, the company welcomed who in the future would become a new generation of master craftsmen, Sara Sorribes, daughter and granddaughter of the master craftsmen of Glass Sorribes. Together, father and daughter, began to incorporate the company as the main lines of business decoration and lighting.

2001 represents for the company the first contact with the world of design, opening a window to the world and a new form of communication and promotion of glass crafts. This window to the outside means new fields of work for the company and the entry of Sorribes Glass into the restaurant sector, which will mean a new step for the company in the recognition of their work as master glass craftsmen.

josé sorribes moreno
sara sorribes



Since Sara Sorribes joined the company in 1998, she began to follow a path of learning and experience that gradually led to her taking over the reins of the company, until in 2011 she took over as the third generation of master craftsmen.

2011 would mark the beginning of a stage of collaborations with artists and designers, which together with research work on the most innovative glass craft techniques, began to open new business areas for the company, assuming a transition from the manufacture of products to the development of projects, which meant the recognition of the company through mentions in different competitions and the classification as Finalist in the National Crafts Awards.

2015 with the obtaining of Artisan Woman Award granted by the Valencian Community Handicraft Center, was the beginning of what our company is today. In 2016, the company began a process of modernizing its image and its business projection from which the commercial brand VIDRIO SORRIBES was born, the essence of our origin and our reason for being. This new reinvention has meant a clear commitment to innovation, the development of new ideas and our clients' projects, a fundamental pillar of our company's activity. In 2020 the projection and importance of our company is recognized again with the obtaining of the Craft Award from the Valencian Community Craft Center.

Since then, and until today, countless collaborations, creative processes, idea laboratories and developed projects have been the best recognition for this company, which after a century of history, has known how to adapt to the times, valuing craftsmanship and work. of the master craftsman.

regalos personalizados
vajillas premium
colaboraciones con artistas

Machado said, "Neither the past has died, nor is tomorrow - nor yesterday - written", and I feel it every day when I look back and review the history lived, shared and at the same time reinterpreted through fears, phobias, dreams and fantasies.

100 years have passed since the beginning of the dream, more than 20 of my then unknown destiny and the beginning of my transformation. Today converted into a bubble, fire and dreams, I remember daily that "Dad, tell me again" that my teacher, father and friend engraved in my heart to show me the way.

It is not easy to interpret the passion of the craftsman, but it is enough to listen to the verses breathed in with his flame, to understand the struggle of three generations who have left their lives for their dreams and deserve to be remembered.

As time has passed, and from the conviction that, yes, there is a new generation that continues to give meaning to craftsmanship, I will continue to love my profession every morning and thank it with the same tune that I learned from Ismael Serrano that «everything begins with you, the rest of my life and the reason for opening each window, the song that solves my doubts, my delirium and my cure«.

Sara Sorribes

Craftswoman and Designer