Neither does the sea sleep

Neither does the sea sleep, is the title of the exhibition, and at the same time the centerpiece of it, which was seen for the first time at the ASTARTÉ Gallery. In this piece, the artist Pamen Pereirahas reduced the vast sea, which never sleeps, until it is confined in a container of fury, a metaphor or transcript of emotions.

To carry it out, it has had the latest technology in the field of 3D applied to the movement of fluids with the Real Flow simulator. At Vidrio Sorribes we have developed the container that imprisons the sea and that represents the main piece of the exhibition.

«Pamen Pereira's work is made of oscillations, synthesis, travel, dialogues, actions and mystery. Over the years, she has unfolded, she has become seductive, enveloping, but she is still magical. The origin is the same as when she appeared in Madrid, 30 years ago now: an idea on paper, a somewhat clumsy but precise line drawing, a direct whip of emotion. As an artist, Pamen Pereira is brilliant and her work has something of a Pandora's box about to reveal her mysteries. (Miguel Fernández-Cid) »