Begin Valencia Restaurant

It's a fact that Valencia is currently at the top of the charts when it comes to gastronomy, and recent restaurant openings in the city have been tasteful and visual marvels. At the end of the year we thought all was said and done, but Valencia, this time a fresh start in the center of the city, surprised us. Today we go back to the origin and discover New Begin Valencia, for which Vidro Sorribes has made wonderful skylights that evoke a seabed.

The concept of the Begin Valencia restaurant

Begin Valencia's philosophy is to go back to the beginning and offer km 0 ingredients, healthy and delicate dishes.

Bengin Valencia shows us that it is possible to go out for lunch or dinner without sacrificing quality and health, since its dishes are healthy and, as far as possible, made with organic products.

The new Begin Valencia restaurant is located at Calle Pascual and Genís 11, we are in the center of the city. Upon entering the restaurant, we discovered that we had entered a tunnel that seemed to lead through the depths of the sea. Then we reach the main room and in less than a meter we go from the sea to the jungle. It goes without saying that the decoration and architecture of the restaurant are exceptional.

In the new Begin Valencia there is harmony and harmony that is maintained between the tables and the environment, the entire restaurant seems to be made of the same material and is designed so that everything fits into the environment. Even the ceramic, handmade in Spain, meets your 0km commitment. The hand-shaped chairs that we like so much deserve a special mention.