Ecovidrio presents Falles amb Futur gravat a vidre with sustainability as a key axis in the evolution of our parties

The entity has brought together 6 older and children's falleras from Valencia in a meeting in which, through a mini-documentary, they have been able to remember their reigns and talk about the sustainable fallas of the future.

Ecovidrio has presented, this morning, Falles amb Futur gravat a vidre, an initiative that affects the importance that sustainability should play in the evolution of the festivities, because as the message of the campaign explains, the Fallas will be sustainable or they will not be.

For this, the non-profit organization in charge of managing the recycling of glass container waste in Spain, has brought together 6 falleras mayores and infantiles from Valencia who, through a mini-documentary, have remembered their reigns, in addition to talking about the parties and how they glimpse the failures of the future.

These women and girls, who have made history in the Fallas de València, have written a message about how they perceive the Fallas in a few years, a message engraved on 3 bottles made with recycled glass collected during the Fallas 2022.

Specifically, the text says: The love for the Fallas must unite all of us to create a party that little by little is more sustainable. Because we love the Fallas but we also love Valencia, and we must take care of what we love. We need to understand that our festival requires care, which is why glass recycling, the good use of its containers and that the Fallas join La Reciclà, is vital to achieve this. And it is that the Fallas of the future will be sustainable or they will not be. Signed: Falleras Mayores de València.

Through this message in a bottle, Ecovidrio draws the main conclusions of a unique meeting to talk about sustainability in the Fallas and in which they have participated Lola Palmero, Fallera Mayor de València in 1967; Lola Flor, Fallera Mayor de València in 2000; Rocío Gil, Fallera Mayor de València in 2018; María Donderis, Fallera Mayor Infantil de València in 2015; Laura Mengó, Fallera Mayor de València in2023 and Paula Nieto, Fallera Mayor Infantil de València in 2023.

This initiative is part of the La Recicla campaign, a competition between the Fallas commissions where each of them is challenged to recycle, in the green container assigned to their commission, more than 400 kg of glass containers during the Fallas week.

Launched 8 years ago, in collaboration with the Generalitat Valenciana, the municipalities of Valencia, Burjassot and Mislata and the Junta Central Fallera, La Reciclà returns with the desire to continue demonstrating the commitment and responsibility of the Fallas collective with glass recycling , especially during a few days when large amounts of waste are generated.

In the last edition, in which 233 commissions participated, the failures attached to the La Reciclà more than 110 tons, of which 107 failures exceeded 400kg. As a noteworthy fact, say that 24 commissions exceeded one ton.  

reciclà 2023

Giant paella for the most recycling falla  

In recognition of the effort to recycle, Ecovidrio will give away one more year, to the winning commission, a giant paella for 500 people on the Night of San Juan.

Among all the commissions that exceed 400 kg of glass collected in their respective green containers from March 6 to 20, Ecovidrio will hold a raffle before a notary to designate the Falla that will enjoy this well-deserved prize.  

25th anniversary of Ecovidrio

In 2023 Ecovidrio turns 25 Although we are now celebrating our 25th anniversary, the glass industry was already launched in the 1980s, concerned with saving energy and protecting resources in its processes.

reciclà 2023

In the 90s the true recycling revolution took place. With the European Directive of 1994 the concept of extended producer responsibility arrived, that is, the legal obligation that all companies that sell packaged products finance their recycling to guarantee correct waste management. The birth of Ecovidrio materialized with the transposition to our country of said Directive with Law 11/1997 on Packaging and Packaging Waste.

Thus, in 1997 our history began, thanks to the initiative promoted by Cerveceros de España (CE), the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV), the Spanish Federation of Spirits Manufacturers (FEBE), the Spanish Association of Cider Manufacturers ( AESI), the Spanish Wine Confederation, the Spanish Must Association and the Marco de Jerez Winery Federation. That same year, the first companies representing the production industry joined Ecovidrio (Gramona, Bardinet, the Compañía Cervecera de Canarias and Envasados Eva), a figure that has not stopped increasing and that, today, makes them more than 2,500 companies adhered to Ecovidrio.

Selective collection of glass containers It is a success story in constant evolution. From the first container that the mayor of Madrid, Enrique Tierno Galván, inaugurated in Moratalaz in 1982, to the 245,700 containers that travel throughout the country, in these 25 years more than 15 million tons of glass containers have been deposited.

reciclà 2023

About Ecovidrio

Ecovidrio is the non-profit entity in charge of managing the recycling of glass container waste in Spain. In 1997, after the approval of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Law and the start of its operations in 1998, it became the managing entity of a recycling model that guarantees a complete service and to which all citizens have access. In terms of financing, 8,000 packaging companies make the recycling system possible with their contribution through the green point.

Ecovidrio's work stands out for guaranteeing high-quality recycling through the container, promoting containerization and collection infrastructures, investing in plans and resources aimed at increasing the recycling of glass containers in the hotel industry, mobilizing citizens through awareness campaigns and promote prevention and eco-design of packaging.

In the last two decades, the Ecovidrio system has allowed seven out of ten glass containers to be recycled today.

The glass container recycling It is a fundamental element to contribute to sustainable development, promote the transition towards the circular economy and fight against climate change. In addition, the recycling of glass containers is an activity that supports compliance with the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.