Exhibition 100 years of glass crafts

Machado said, "Neither the past has died, nor is tomorrow - nor yesterday - written", and I feel it every day when I look back and review the history lived, shared and at the same time reinterpreted through fears, phobias, dreams and fantasies.

100 years have passed since the beginning of the dream, more than 20 of my then unknown destiny and the beginning of my transformation. Today converted into a bubble, fire and dreams, I remember daily that "Dad, tell me again" that my teacher, father and friend engraved in my heart to show me the way.

The first thing I remember from the world of crafts is the pride of my father and teacher, José Sorribes Moreno, the day he obtained his DCA 2207 and became known to be part of the artisan family. Just like my father's day, today, and for more than 20 years, I feel like one of this great family.

The Valencian Community Craft Center is our home. It has been, is, and will be the great promoter and promoter of a whole process of creation, stimulation and consolidation of a new generation of artisans and a new way of making crafts in our Community.

The 100 years of Sorribes Glass exhibition is a selection of works and pieces that accompany the visitor on a fundamental journey to understand the trajectory and evolution through 3 generations of master craftsmen. An exhibition through which it is intended to awaken the interest of crafts in the future of creation. Designers, artists and manufacturers can learn through this exhibition the value of the artisan as a creator and builder of culture, art and avant-garde.

100 years of evolution in which each generational change has been the engine to open new approaches and new horizons to solve the productive challenges that society has presented us with at all times. 100 years that have turned Sorribes Glass into what this exhibition has wanted to show, an evolved company open to face new challenges and approaches that respond to industrial and business projects that are proposed to crafts in the future.

It is not easy to interpret the passion of the craftsman, but it is enough to listen to the verses breathed in with his flame, to understand the struggle of three generations who have left their lives for their dreams and deserve to be remembered.

As time has passed, and from the conviction that, yes, there is a new generation that continues to give meaning to craftsmanship, I will continue to love my profession every morning and thank it with the same tune that I learned from Ismael Serrano that «everything begins with you, the rest of my life and the reason for opening each window, the song that solves my doubts, my delirium and my cure«.

At this point, it is time for Vidrio Sorribes to give you back all the support that the people who have formed it, form it today, and will continue with this beautiful project in the future, they have received day by day from the Center as an institution, and of all the great professionals who throughout these years have made possible this, the home of all artisans.

There are moments in life that are special on their own. Sharing this moment with all of you makes it an unforgettable moment.

Thanks for your support.