The first fallera dressing in recycled glass

Glass Sorribes has created the first fallera dressing made of recycled glass thanks to the hands of our artisan Sara Sorribes. In collaboration with Art Antic and thanks to the sponsorship of Ecovidrio, we have carried out a draft pioneer. Recycled glass has been used by all Valencians during the 2019 fallas, to create a unique and wonderful jewel never seen before.

It's a privilege for us to be part of this project. A project capable of uniting two of the most renowned Valencian artisans to create something unique. With this project, Ecovidrio has taken a further step in raising awareness in Valencian society to unite tradition and commitment to the environment, and help create a better and more sustainable festival.

This recycled glass fallera dressing, made of gold-plated sterling silver, is a classic nacelle model. Recycled glass pieces are set with great care. Composed of earrings, jewelery, pendant, handle, needle, skewers and hairpins, it is the first time that this material has been used to make a Valencian dressing. This piece is full of symbolism, since it can be said that the dressing carries a little bit of each fallero, as they are the ones who are 100% involved in collecting the glass with which these unique pieces have been made.

a unique jewel full of tradition

aderezo vidrio reciclado

Consuelo LLobell, during the delivery ceremony, declared "This work is a sign that glass can have many lives and we must take advantage of them." The Fallera Mayor of Valencia stressed that "it is a precious piece not only because of how beautiful it is, but because it carries a little bit of each fallero." She also wanted to highlight the effort and work that the artisans have done, creating this work of art, as well as the Fallas collective. The general public has contributed to making the first recycled glass dressing. "It is my pride to be able to wear it on behalf of all those people who recycled glass during the past Fallas".

presentation and creation of the world's first recycled glass dressing