The Fallera Mayor of Valencia launches the recycled glass dressing

Consuelo Llobell, Fallera Mayor de València, has released the first recycled glass dressing manufactured by our artisan Sara Sorribes and Art Antic. This unique and pioneering gem is promoted by Ecovidrio and it has been shown for the first time in the presentation ceremony of La Reciclà 2020. We have manufactured this work of art with recycled glass from the containers that the Valencians deposited in the containers during the Fallas past. This initiative highlights the utility that can be given to this waste whose life does not end in green containers.

The presentation ceremony of La Reciclà 2020, held at the Exhibition Palace, was attended by the Fallera Mayor of València, Consuelo LLobell and her Court of Honor; the general director of Quality and Environmental Education, Joan Piquer; the vice mayor and councilor for Urban Ecology of the Valencia City Council, Sergi Campillo; the president of the Fallera Central Board, Carlos Galiana; the Councilor for Fallas of the Mislata City Council, Teo Núñez; Ecovidrio's marketing manager, José Luis Magro, our artisan Sara Sorribes and José Alabadí, Art Antic artisan.

la reciclà 2020
Presentation ceremony of Consuelo LLobell's dressing at La Reciclà 2020

Consuelo Llobell, Fallera Mayor de València, stated that "this work is a sign that glass can have many lives and we must take advantage of them"; she to add that «it is a precious piece not only because of how beautiful it is but because it has a little bit of each fallero. I want to highlight the effort and work that the artisans have made, creating this work of art, and thank the Fallas collective and the general public for having contributed to making the first recycled glass dressing. It is my pride to be able to wear it on behalf of all those people who recycled glass during the past Fallas ».

This event serves to kick off the campaign launched 7 years ago by Ecovidrio. The Generalitat Valenciana, the Central Board and the City Councils of Valencia, Burjassot and Mislata collaborate in it. The objective is to promote glass recycling among Fallas commissions during the big days of the festivities. Those failures that exceed 400 kg between March 6 and 19 will enter the draw for a giant paella for 500 people. This will be like the one that the Falleros of Goya-Brasil, winners of La Reciclà 2019, will enjoy next Saturday. Undoubtedly a Valencian dressing that has made history and that will surely remain in the retina of many people. Today we also want to show you the presentation video of the dressing, when Consuelo Llobell herself sees it for the first time.

We are proud to participate in this dressing that has made history and that will surely remain in the retina of many people. Undoubtedly the best banner for this great initiative to raise awareness with recycling. We are proud that La Fallera Mayor de València shows off these very special pieces in which we have put all our experience and love.