"A less invasive human footprint, cleaner oceans and cleaner air." This is one of the messages contained in the 'time capsule' that the Palacio de Congresos has buried this Monday in its outdoor garden with "wishes" and "commitments to environmental sustainability" for the city of Valencia in 2030.

The capsule, designed and manufactured by Sara Sorribes and made with recycled glass, was buried this Monday, September 27, on the occasion of World Tourism Day, by the director of the Conference Center, Silvia Andrés, and the Councilor for Tourism and Internationalization of the Valencia City Council and president of the Administration Council of the Palacio de Congresos, Emiliano García.

As explained by the director of the venue, Silvia Andrés, concepts such as "solidarity, awareness, participation, circular economy, integration, alliance or security" are some of the words "full of commitment and meaning" that have been repeated in the messages sent to the capsule.

Inside the capsule, a QR code will allow the messages to be read, which can also continue to be sent through the website of the Palacio de Congresos. Thus, the messages "will not be lost at any time and can be read on". The idea is that they "remain in time" and that "even if they are buried, they are in the cloud."

The actions of the Palacio de Congresos "are always based on respect for the environment" and are "aligned with the SDGs", assured Silvia Andrés, who recalled that in 2008 they already installed a photovoltaic roof. The building, which wants to be a "reference" in the city in this sense, she has highlighted, has also changed its ponds for 1,400 m2 of green areas.

The roadmap of tourism sustainability in Valencia will define, not only the destination that we will be in 2030, but also our city model, since tourism has a lot to say and a lot to contribute to that innovative and inclusive project of a sustainable city that we want be. Tourism will be sustainable or it will not be.

For his part, the director of Visit València, Toni Bernabé, has valued the initiative of the 'time capsule' that "invites us to reflect on where we want to go" and on World Tourism Day he wanted to "recognize" the work that professionals and companies in the sector have done during the pandemic ”.

According to the director of Visit València “we have to be prepared, relying on technology, bet to be more efficient with the use of natural resources, bet on renewable energies, on products from local suppliers, and so on. and that tourism is a factor that contributes to that sustainability.