Blown Glass

If there are words that can describe Blown Glass they are: art and exclusivity

soplado de vidrio

In Sorribes Glass we elaborate the pieces according to the oldest and traditional methods of blown glass, preserving the care and perfection of a purely artisanal technique.

These pieces are worked one by one individually without applying the use of molds or machines, using the same tools as in their origins.

In this way we achieve that the finishing and delicacy of the pieces is superior to an industrial procedure, since the quality of the details is pampered more.

The glass pieces for costume jewelery and jewelery are worked with the blown glass technique. Its manufacture consists of distributing homogeneously in a mandrel, previously prepared with a separator, a little glass melted with the torch to later shape it.

With the blown glass technique we can make pieces of jewelry, perfumery, figures, laboratory devices, kitchenware for restaurants, lighting elements and any project that the client can imagine.

vidrio soplado
vidrio soplado
vidrio soplado