Etched Glass

Etched glass is an artisan trade that requires many years of learning.

The engraved glass gives each piece the added value of the experience of the carving craftsman, who after handling the glass turns each piece that comes out of his hands into something unique and unrepeatable, thus enhancing the beauty of a glass object and giving it a added value, which in view of the whole is where harmony is appreciated. It can be said that no two pieces are ever the same.

Our specialty is the engraving of all types of glass pieces such as glasses, glasses, decorative items, decanters and any other object that the client needs to customize.

The main tool is the craftsman's hands, the rest of the machinery are emery, corundum and diamond wheels and wheels for carving, as well as cork, powdered pumice and cerium oxide disks for polishing.

We work with the best glass brands such as German SCHOTT glass, characterized by its great resistance to impacts and washing, we also have BOHEMIA AND SPIELGELAU glassware, which can be personalized with names and dates, as well as choosing the size that the more we like it in the type of product we want.

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