A Sample That Leaves A Mark

On the occasion of the Valencia Design Week, the ADCV organized the exhibition "Diseño al Plato", in which a total of 14 design studios presented a container to display a special recipe from a chef and manufactured by a master craftsman with his own hands , and for which Sorribes Glass has manufactured the designs of the Sanserif Creatius and Odosdesign studios.

For Sanserif Creatius we have manufactured Ufer, a handmade glass plate that evokes the encounter between the sea and the land, designed to present a recipe with a local aroma. Ufer –orilla in German- is an eccentric dish, made with a glass of great purity intended for jewelry, and whose wings serve as a canvas to cover the culinary creation it houses, a recipe created by chef Bern H. Knöller from the RiFF restaurant.

plato de vidrio artesanal

Odosdesign designed Food Print, a tableware inspired by Street Food: eat in the street, outdoors, in a park, an area with a view, with friends on the ground. Fast food without sacrificing quality, a proposal by chef Jordi Martínez from O3 Gastronomy. A sole as a symbol of “take away”, of urban brands on concrete floors, of personalized treads. An idea that seeks to surprise and bring a smile to the diner with a dish that leaves its mark.

FoodPrint Fusing