A Decade of Expo 2008

It has been a decade since the completion of one of the works that provided the most international projection to this workshop at the beginning of this century, it is the participation together with the artist Ricardo Calero in the assembly of the exhibition "Dreams in the Sea" which took place in the Aragón Pavilion at Expo 2008. In this international exhibition held in Zaragoza and dedicated to "Water and Sustainable Development", an art show was held with "reflective" works of an international level, including the by Ricardo Calero when we have the information.

expo zaragoza 2008
Expo 2008 Vidrio Soplado
Expo 2008 Vidrio Soplado

"Sueños Azules" was the title of Ricardo Calero's installation in a large dark chamber where Carlos Saura's Symphony Aragón was projected, with music by Roque Baños. It was a splendid work, which alluded to the shipwreck, to the tragic navigation in cayuco, to the tears because many immigrants remain on the road or die on board. The piece consisted of around 700 tears, hook-shaped, hung and spilled on the ground.