Marcas Que Enamoran Awards

The ten winning companies of the international awards Marcas que Enamoran have collected their trophy in front of more than one hundred senior managers of Spanish and Latin American companies. The act took place on October 28 at the Palacio de Santoña in Madrid. 

With this, it is intended to recognize and promote the management of those brands that have managed to connect with people, through a shared, genuine and transformative purpose in the pandemic and post-pandemic period (2020 and 2021).  

It is my desire to leave a legacy. This is the purpose that I have as a businesswoman and that, Brands that Fall in Love, rewards every year, brands that deserve to stand out and have visibility worldwide.”, stated Vivian García, CEO and founder of Marcas que Enamoran. 

The winning brands stand out in their respective sectors by becoming benchmarks for change towards more supportive, inclusive and sustainable business models. 

Thus, they have collected the awards, in their corresponding categories: Juan Manuel Chicote, director of people of DKV (Employer Mark); Clara Estrems, Director of Marketing and Communication at GuruWalk (Tourism and Restoration); Ayelén Culaciati, Director of PR and Marketing at HIT (Specialized services); José Luis Vega, Founder of Kilimanjaria (New Ventures), Laura Ferrer, CEO of PERCENTIL (Great Consumption & Retail); Paolo Fusaro, CEO of Robin Good (Integration & Social Inclusion); Mariana Banazol, Marketing Director of Too Good To Go (Environment and Sustainability): Igaratz Monge, director of business development at Trison Necsum (Innovation); Blanca Pérez Lozano, co-director of SIC4Change (Third Sector) and Amaia Rodríguez, CEO of Gravity Wave (Great Award). 

marcas que enamoran

In the words of Juan Manuel Chicote, from DKV “It would not make sense to take care of the health of our clients, if we do not take care of our employees first. An employer brand is achieved with time, with love, with heart and, above all, with the generosity of all of them”. 

For her part, Ayelén Culaciati, from HIT, an Argentinian company dedicated to setting up work spaces, assures that “space matters. We work so that the workplace makes you a better person and motivates enough to get the best of us.”. 

In addition, according to Laura Ferrer, CEO and co-founder of PERCENTIL, a consolidated national business for buying and selling second-hand clothes, “Selling clothes online ten years ago in Spain was only possible if you convinced and fell in love. And that has been achieved by our entire team”

For Blanca Pérez Lozano, co-director of inclusive projects “We are grateful for these awards because they recognize the efforts we have made in multiple projects, and I would like to highlight the fact that we have prevented the death of more than three thousand children thanks to the early diagnosis of malnutrition”. The gala, presented by Miguel Ángel Pérez Laguna, creator of Humans in the Office and director of communication and institutional relations of Global Alumni, has also had the presence, among others, of Joaquín Sánchez-Cascado, CEO of Charmed Multimedia; Sara Sorribes, director of Vidrio Sorribes; Sara Harmon, global CEO de Sngular; Almudena Martorell, president of Fundación A LA PAR and Borja Martiarena, Marketing Director of Ecovidrio. The actor, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, who was unable to attend in person due to a schedule conflict, was present via videoconference. 

marcas que enamoran

The Palacio de Santoña has also witnessed the delivery of six honorary awards, which recognize the work carried out by three businessmen and three reference brands in different categories:

  • Marketing innovation for the Mexican firm MindStrategics, led by its CEO, Joel Muñoz.
  • Commitment for change in the world for Kike Sarasola, CEO of Room Mate.
  • Business transformation for Yeidy Ramírez, CEO of Dexter.
  • Career path for Tomás Junquera, counselor for cultural industries.
  • Promotion of culture from the exhibition sector for Yelmo Cinemas, represented by José M. Bolaños, Marketing Director.
  • Promotion of values through animated video to Mondo TV, represented by its CEO, Maria Bonaria.
marcas que enamoran

For Joel Munoz, “brands are today the great transformers, and therefore, they must respond to society. If people give us their trust, their hearts and their minds, let us not make frivolous use of it."

For her part, Yeidy Ramírez affirms that “I have always thought that things that are done with love echo in eternity”.

Those attending the Palacio de Santoña have had the opportunity to greet thousands of people who have followed the gala live from more than 13 countries.