Glass enamelling is applied similarly to that used for decorating tiles and porcelains.

Vitrifiable colors are composed of coloring substances, generally metal oxides, and fluxes, vitrifiable compounds that act as a vehicle and fixative for the colorants on the support. For low temperature melting, these flux mixtures are poor in silica and very rich in lead and borax.

The enamelling of a glass piece can be worked in different ways depending on whether the piece to be decorated is hollow (vertical), or flat (horizontal). For these two types of surface, the enamel will be specially prepared, varying the density and the mordant that holds it to the piece. In our fusing pieces, the enamel is applied flat and cast before treating the volume of the piece.

We can apply vitrifiable decals on all of our pieces. We offer our customers the possibility of reducing costs without compromising quality. These decals are permanently integrated into the part. It is the solution to give that personal touch and turn every detail into something special and unrepeatable.

Depending on the client's needs, we will use the enamels manually, or if the quantity requires it and the client wishes, we would apply vitrifiable decals, either on blown or fusing glass pieces.

Furthermore, in Sorribes Glass we make use of the new techniques existing in the market.