Crafts and Passion

Passion, fervor, silence, a deep silence that characterizes Holy Week and its processions only interrupted by the thunder of drums and trumpets that accompany their ceremonial steps through the streets devoted to fervor and devotion to these ancient customs rooted in this country so rich in culture.

Holy Week is one of the oldest and most surprising traditions recognized in Spain, where not only the most devoted of the Christian faith celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ, but the most skeptical and curious enjoy this expression of sentiment that fills the streets of towns and cities of processions and representations, and impregnates them with aromas of orange blossom and incense, of faith and spirituality, emotions, culture, passion and tears when recounting the arrows in the breaks of the steps.

The passion for Crafts that we have in Sorribes Glass makes us put all the feeling in each work, each project and each design that we carry out together with our clients, and as a result of this devotion for what we do we have collaborated with the Lignum Crucis Brotherhood of Conil de la Frontera to restore the lanterns of the passage of his brothers.

faroles lignum crucis
faroles lignum crucis

The brotherhood with canonical headquarters in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, carried out its first via-crucis in 1976 with the image of the Lord of the Holy Burial and in 1977 the carving of the Santísimo Cristo del Forgiveness. The brotherhood is founded in order to worship the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, as well as the sacred and venerated image of the sailor Christ. Every Holy Tuesday it carries out its penance station in which about 115 brothers dressed in a black tunic and cat, esparto girdle and many of them barefoot, carry the Holy Cross with the image of Our Lady in shifts of three. Lord Crucified, accompanied by four lanterns in the style of those used by sailors on their ships and the guiding cross leads the procession with two lanterns that illuminate the banner.

From Vidro Sorribes we are proud to have collaborated with this great family so that their traditions are celebrated for another year with the dedication and passion that we put into each work.