Aderezo de Labradora for la Reina de la Magdalena Made With Recycled Glass

Ecovidrio delivered an exclusive, completely handmade adereo de labradora dressing, made of silver, with a recycled green glass center cut and carved by hand at the Castelló Town Hall.

The mayoress of the city, Amparo Marco, has received this exclusive piece, entirely handmade by the artists Pere Ribera, José Alabadi and Sara Sorribes, from the Ecovidrio area manager, Roberto Fuentes. this Saturday morning at the Menador Espai Cultural, with the celebration of Selene Tarin, Queen of Magdalena 2023; Ignasi García, recycling and waste management adviser; and Omar Braina, Councilor for Fiestas.

In this way, Ecovidrio, the non-profit entity in charge of managing the recycling of glass container waste in Spain, wants to thank the town hall and the citizens of Castelló for their involvement with the recycling of glass containers, a thank you which materializes with the donation of this dressing that symbolizes the effort and commitment of citizens during the celebration of the past festivities of La Magdalena, where more than 12,147 kilos of recycled glass were collected within the framework of the Vidre Vítol campaign.

After the acquisition of this new jewel made by Ecovidrio, the City Council will give this dressing every year to the Queen Mayor of the festivities so that she can wear it during her reign. Selene Tarín will be the queen who has the honor of premiering this unique piece made up of a brooch, earrings, sets of spikes, a pendant and a bracelet. It will be during the Romeria de les Canyes, on one of the big days of the Magdalena de Castelló festivities.

During the presentation of the dressing, an audiovisual was projected that shows the manufacturing process, specifically, the role played by the painter, sculptor and engraver, Pere Ribera; the work of the goldsmith, José Alabadi and the technique used by the artisan and glass designer, Sara Sorribes.

La Reina, Selene Tarín, has shown her gratitude for receiving this piece-jewel that she has defined as "a work of art" and that she will have "the honor of opening the Day of the Pilgrimage." During her intervention, she has encouraged citizens "to recycle and to raise awareness in favor of recycling."

Sara Sorribes, glass artisan, has been very excited because "this seasoning has a little bit of us", and has argued that it has been a real pleasure to materialize the beautiful ideas of the artists with whom she has had the pleasure of collaborating on this beautiful Project.