Marcas Que Enamoran 2023 Awards

The second edition of the International Brands You Love Awards 'A better world for our brands' recognizes Natruly in FMCG & Retail; Souji, in New Ventures; Empath, in Specialized Services; Álvaro Delgado, director of the Vithas Vitoria Hospital, in Impeccable Trajectory and Reputational Value; Territorio Rampinge, in Tourism and Restoration; Ekomodo, in Environment and Sustainability; B-Corp, in Tecer Sector; Grisell Garrido, CEO of Prevent Security Systems and president of Aseme, as an Entrepreneur Committed to Change in the World; Galgus, in Innovation; UCI, in Employer Brand, Anar Foundation, in Integration and Social Inclusion; Circoolar Ethical Workwear, as Grand Award 2023.

marcas que enamoran 2023

The Awards, supported by the Madrid Chamber, Silvia Ayuso, Esic, Supercuidadores, Charmed, Vidrio Sorribes, WExecutive and Bluetab, are intended for brands and people who "leave their mark, who want to transform the world," explains Vivian García, CEO and founder of Marcas que Enamoran.

Silvia Ayuso, CEO of DEI Leadership Solutions, reproaches that "we underestimate our strength to transform", especially women, who "have a bright future in front of us." "It's time to get out of the comfort zone," she highlights.

Álvaro Delgado affirms that "to transform the world requires empathy, commitment to achieving the objective, and above all trying to minimize the distance between what is said and what is done."

Vivian García announces the third edition of the Marcas que Enamoran Awards on October 10, 2024